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From nerve wracking exams to reaching your dream final: In combination with a healthy lifestyle and proper training, Cheqio is the perfect partner on your journey to success.


Cheqio Driving (2)

Short animation video on how to take Cheqio when you are on the road.

Do you have to drive for hours for work, towards your holiday destination or quickly drop the kids at school, but are you tired, or do you feel you are getting tired?

Look for a safe place to stop and take a Cheqio Drink to stay concentrated longer and to give your stamina a boost!

Cheqio Exams

Short introduction animation video on how to take Cheqio at tests or (final)exams.

  • 1,5 hours before your test or (final)exam; take two capsules
  • Half an hour before your test or (final)exam; take one drink
  • Are you tired after your test or (final)exam?; take another drink

Cheqio Studying

Short animation video on how to take Cheqio when you have to study for a test or exam.

  • When tired in the afternoon; take 1 drink
  • After dinner; take one capsule
  • When studying in the evening; take another capsule
  • Afterwards; no hyper, sleep like a rose!

Cheqio Multitasking

Need to work at home with kids craving for attention, need to cook or do the dishes in between or do you have to work until late at night?

Take a Cheqio Drink when you are getting tired and take a Cheqio Capsule when you need that extra bit of focus and concentration. 

Oh, and becasue there is zero caffeine and minimal amounts of sugar in Cheqio you don't get that hyper afterwards and you will sleep like a rose!

Cheqio Driving

Need to drive for hours for work, to your holiday destination or do you quickly need to bring the kids at school, but you are feeling or getting tired?

Just take a Cheqio Drink to stay concentrated and give your stamina a boost!

Sugar and caffeine abstract fluid from your body

If you start drinking sugary beverages to quench your thirst (energy drinks, soft drinks, etc.) the problem will deteriorate because sugar and caffeine abstract fluid from your body. This will lead to headaches, dehydration and a drop in your energy levels.

Liquid deficinecy is the number one killer of attention and thus your concentration. So always make sure you drink plenty of water, in combination with Cheqio, during your performance in order to prevent thrist and a liquid deficiency.

Which drink is better for your concentration?

Did you know that liquid deficiency has a destructive influence on your concentration? A liquid deficiency of 5% already accounts for a 25% loss of concertation. And are you thirsty? Then you are already suffering from a liquid deficiency of 2%!

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So it’s very important to drink enough. But do mind what you drink! Sugar abstracts fluid from your body, and therefore sugary beverages as well. So if you drink these, you are in fact creating your own slump! Cafein has the same effect: A slump after 2/3 hours. So when thirsty: Drink water. For additional focus, concentration and endurance there's Cheqio! Our capsules do not contain any sugar and the drinks contain a very minimum of sweeteners. Only 0,02 grams per 150ml. Legally we are surely allowed to say that the Cheqio Drink is sugar free. The maximum standard is 4,5 grams per 100ml; the Cheqio Drink contains no more than 3% of this standard. And now you know the reason why.

Concentration = Attention + Focus

Concentration has two elements: attention and focus. If you can maintain your attention you can then direct it at something (focus). That figures. The main disturber of attention is (mental) fatigue and the worst disturbers of focus are a great many stimuli (external but also internal (your own thoughts)) and stress.

“Good” concentration-enhancing supplements are obviously aimed at battling these disturbers of attention and focus. But they fail to tell you that two other matters are also tremendously important for your attention, to wit your fluid level and your attention span. If you do not take these into consideration, you are doing yourself a great disservice!