Would you like to sharpen your focus and support your concentration or performance?
Try Cheqio.

The Cheqio Capsules and Cheqio Drinks are, amongst other important ingredients, chockful magnesium and vitamins B5, B6, B12 and C. These ingredients help reduce fatigue. That is why they are good for your concentration, memory and learning achievements. And as opposed to the brief and powerful boosts from caffeine and sugar, our products do not give that superfluous 'high', and no dip either. You can continue to perform.

Each moment that requires a special performance (a job interview, a (driving) tests, a presentation, or a long drive) is a Cheqio moment!


We have worked long and hard to make Cheqio a top product that is all about concentration. There is nothing like (mental) fatigue to slacken attention, and one's focus is predominantly affected by too many incentives and too much tension. That is the exact reason why our products contain the ingredients that tackle fatigue and these disruptive elements.

Here is a list with the main ingredients of Cheqio and their good qualities:
  • Magnesium, vitamins B5, B6, B12 and C: help reduce fatigue and are therefore good for concentration, memory and learning achievements
  • Ginkgo Biloba: stimulates concentration
  • Ashwaghanda (Ginseng) helps withstand anxiety (during exams, matches, job interviews, etc)
  • Lactium and saffron: help you stay ‘in the zone’

And finally, all the above vitamins, as well as a number of other ingredients, are also good for your nervous system. How's that for convenient when you need to stay alert and act on what you see!