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Message from Muírgen (2)

February 10th, 2017

Hey there guys,

First of all, sorry for the late post, I'll explain it!

Lees Verder

School was done for 2016, and you'll probably recognize the feeling on Friday, vacation started!

I went to the gym for a short training with a buddy, heavy squats and lunges for breakfast !

My buddy went away after the lunges but I still wanted to crush some leg presses. Normally I don't train alone, it isn't wise to train alone when you are pushing lots of weights, so when you are with a training buddy, you always have an eye on you telling to stop when the form isn't right. I started with my first set, main goal, activate the quads in this movement angle, aiming for 12 reps. My PR (personal record) is standing on 280kg, so I thought 150kg was a good point to start off. I had my squats and lunges before, so the muscle was already warmed up. But closing in to the 10th rep, my legs were getting heavier.. not a good sign in a first set, but I had to get through it! There it was, the 11th set, when I pressed the plate away, something snapped in the back of my head.

At first in the hospital, the signals where resembling a stroke. Not really that cool to hear that from the doc. After a run in the scan and a puncture in the back of my spine, the stroke was almost certainly ruled out. But after the puncture, my spine didn't repair itself fast enough, so if I was standing up straight, my brain fluid was leaking as I was told. Happy new year! Not.. Couldn't get out of my bed for barely an hour. Two days after newyear I went back to the hospital, they gave me a blood patch (fresh blood in to my spine to repair the hole) probably the worst feeling I've ever had, no doubt!

But.. I'm back! Sort off.. slowly starting to get my muscles back working again.

Learned a lot of my mistake, some changes for the future are made and I'm ready to work my ass off again. There are some really cool things happening at this moment, but I can't say a lot about it, let's say, this boat is a bit bigger!

I'll keep you guys posted as soon as possible!


Muírgen de Munck

Message from Niels

The season 2017 is underway again with tournament nr2 in bucharest. I am at the train station at the moment as I write this.

Lees Verder

I had a little time out in January and get hungry again for the new season. Therefore I skipped a couple of events in the USA and decided to play a nice event in Belgium. Won that event and after that I had some more time to build things up. The calendar will really kick off now till beginning of April. The two main goals in that period are to score well at the world pool masters and the European championships. One of the things I like to do before an important trip is finish off as much tasks that I still need to do outside of the pool table. Mailing people, finalizing appointments and for instance writing this blog ;)

This creates more mental space that I can use to focus better and not be distracted by all the little things I still need to do. Looking forward to the coming months! Probably take some rest after the Europeans and then get ready for the next period.

All the best,

Niels Feijen

Message from Joost (3)

The season 2017 has officially started for me! I just played my first event of the year in Abu Dhabi! A 29th place wasn't great but there is alot of positive things in my game that I will bring with me to my next event in Qatar.

I had a nice winter break of 5 weeks and I have been using that time mainly to work on my fitness! I didn't do a lot on the golf because sometimes it is good to not use your clubs for a couple of weeks and really get hungry to go back at it! I really tried to use the wintertime in my advantage by really trying to become stronger so I can prevent from getting injured during the busy season and that my body can handle the workload.

The week before my first tournament in Abu Dhabi I have been practising in Dubai for a week with my coach Phil Allen.

It was good to go back to "work" in dubai and get out of the cold weather in Holland. In dubai we had Great practice conditions and very close to the tournaments standard. First couple of days I had to get back into it a little but after that it felt like I had been practising all winter!

I am really looking forward to this season, the goal for this year is to get back in to the top 50 in the world again as soon as possible, and qualify for the Masters.

This week I will play in Qatar and hopefully a good result will get me closer to my goal!

Joost Luiten

World Pool Series Event 1

Photos by JP Parmentier/WPS

(New York City) - The Molinari Players Championship, the first of four 8-ball tournaments that make up Darren Appleton’s brand new tour called the World Pool Series, finished last week and attracted a seriously world class field of 120 players from over 35 countries. They played a version of 8-ball that was designed to be as tough a test as players could possibly face. And when the four day slugfest concluded, it was Russian player Ruslan Chinakov who clearly stood well above this amazing field by beating Philippines Lee Vann Corteza by 16-6.

Lees Verder

Also the side event, the WPS Cheqio Challenge, has been concluded on January 17th. Spanish youngster Francisco Sanchez Ruiz took the 1st spot by beating England’s Imran Majid with 13 racks to 4. Well done Ruslan and Francisco!

During the 4 day event, our other Cheqio ambassador; Jayson Shaw has been voted both AZBilliards and Billiard Digest player of the year 2016. A title well deserved after all the hard work put in and results achieved. Congratulations Jayson!

Cheqio also would like to congratulate Darren Appleton, Manny Stamatakis and all other staff/people and sponsors involved on the amazing event you have set up. We hope the next events will be even more successful and more recognized throughout the USA and the world.

Last but not least Cheqio wishes to thank all players who participated in the WPS Molinari Players Championship, without you it would not have been possible!

Hope to see you next time, April 5th-8th, in Steinway Billiards again for WPS Event 2.

The first event of the World Pool Series, The Molinari Players Championship, took place at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens, New York City from January 14-17, 2017. The World Pool Series is sponsored by Molinari, Predator, Cheqio, RYO Rack, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Billiards Digest, Ultimate Team Gear, and High Rock.

Up next: the World Pool Series

First of all, Cheqio is very proud to support the World Pool Series and all players involved.

Event organiser, and professional pool player, Darren Appleton is one of our brand ambassadors since 2015 and we have always believed in his dedication and involvement in the sport. For this reason we also believe in Darren’s vision and concept of World Pool Series.

The World Pool Series (WPS) consists of four separate 8-ball events to be played throughout the course of 2017. The WPS is organized as a tour, with rankings points from earlier events carrying over to later events and determining entrants and seeding’s, and even who qualifies for the following year’s tour. This tour the 8-ball format will be played. All four events will be held at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens, in January, April, July and September respectively, with the final event being the Grand Finale.

The first event almost has a full field of 128 top players from around more than 35 countries in the world. All matches will be single elimination, however all players who lose prior to the final 16 will get another chance to enter the separate Cheqio Challenge event.

Lees Verder

Darren, who has partnered with Steinway Billiards owner Manny Stamatakis to produce the tour, came to this ambitious venture not so much out of a desire to make money, but to bring pool to the level he feels the game rarely reaches.

The first event, named The Molinari Players Championship, runs this weekend from January 14-17th at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens and carries a $20,000 first prize. The World Pool Series is sponsored by Molinari, Predator, RYO Rack, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Billiards Digest, Ultimate Team Gear, High Rock and Cheqio.

We wish Darren, the players and everybody else involved, best of luck and a very successful tour!

An unforgettable Mosconi Cup experience

A picture says more than a thousand words, but a big thanks to Darren "Dynamite" Appleton and everybody else who helped for making it possible and give the Bensinger family the time of their lives!

Message from Lex (2)

Poker is a game of skill. However, it has a luck factor. That means there can be variance in the results. It’s very important to think long term. The worst player in the field could win the tournament. However if there are 300 tournaments being played, he is almost guaranteed to be at the bottom. It’s essential for a professional poker player to minimize losses when short-term variance isn’t going your way. If you start playing bad, feeling bad, lose confidence, it will hurt your bottom line. You won’t put yourself in the position to take advantage when things turn around. You will also mess up a lot of spots that could turn into a big score. For instance not having many chips left in the last tournament of the day and just throwing them away. That tournament could have been a win. Or at least a cash that would have softened the downswing.

Lees Verder

On the stream you guys have seen that I’ve had one of those bad runs the last two months. What I started doing is showing how you snap out of that. I started talking about every little decision out loud. Sometimes I would even catch myself coming to different conclusions than my initial instinct. This could be due to being a little less confident, a little less focused. Talking out loud made sure I didn't start making mistakes by going over every spot.

How am I gonna say 'Aww I think this guy's range is pretty strong here, but I have a decent hand, so I have to call?'  Can't get away with that shit when 1000 people are watching! Tuesday was one of the most positive streams I have ever had. I am not even gonna mention results because IT DOESNT MATTER. Short term doesn't matter guys. Don't let the short term mess the long term up for you. I was playing well, I was improving, and I was having fun. I didn't make mistakes based on things I already knew. I made plenty of mistakes that were new to me, so we learned. Good.

After a week of playing really well keeping my head in the game, the turnaround point came. And boy did we seize it. I got second in a big tournament for $2900. Who knows if we could have done that had we let down our focus last week? Maybe we would have made some small mistake that crept into our game because we weren’t paying attention and busy feeling sorry for ourselves. Strong mental game and focus prevent a small mistake having a butterfly effect on your whole game. I’m not even proud of finishing second. I’m proud of getting to the start of that race with a clear head and healthy intentions. I ended up winning the same tournament a few days later for $4100.

The ironic thing is that now I have to watch for the same mistake. You can start playing bad because you’re winning as well. Thinking cards will always come. Going to keep a close look at my game and inform you guys of all the things that are going through my head. We never know what’s coming in the near future. What a ride.

Message from Muírgen

The youth worlds were difficult, definitely hard conditions, light wind, strong and busy fleet racing. First days where the worst, almost no wind and the fact of being a heavy team (because of the guns) doesn't help the boat a lot to gain some speed. 3th day we literally sailed ourselves back to the top 15, strong gust made the conditions perfect for us! Unfortunately we missed the finals by 1 point and got stuck on the 16th place.. bummer. But the worlds were a good practice and eye opener for the coming years. After the youth world's I've made the choice to no longer sail in the 49er class. The reason I quit is just because I the boat wasn't the place where i wanted to sail the next coming years. My heart still takes a better place on the bow in the middle of the seas.

Lees Verder

Also I've been busy with the Volvo Ocean Race, there new concept allows youth sailors to compete in a next generation team of the Volvo Ocean Race. Too soon for me to kick in but it makes the aim even more realistic when I am at an age of 21/22. There are some rumors that there will be more youth sailors in the next coming series of the Volvo ocean race as well, so I will be fighting for a spot for sure! Sport and leisure is making sure I'll get to know the right people who may help me in the future. It's great to meet new people, especially when they already gained some experience on the Volvo ocean race. Not only because of experience itself, but the way they have made it before they were professional sailors does interest me a lot! It's good to hear how they made their way to the sailing top more realistic step by step. Something to work for the coming years!

At this moment I will be sailing the "Grevelingen cup"  nice way to go through the winter and still enjoy a bit of action! Study has become priority #1.. that's a new world for me but I’ll have to work my ass off once again! Time to make some progress, not sure on which subject it will work out the best, but I’m sure I will finish school before I’ll race with the big boys! For the coming year there isn't anything planned so far, still looking for a team for some races in England to gain a bit experience, also a couple offshore would be great. For now let's enjoy some time off, not bad to be honest! But already missing some action, so it won't be that long.

Muírgen de Munck

Message from Johan (4)

Winter is setting in and the wind has been lost for a while. I haven’t kited for almost 2 months (!) and that’s pretty special (not in a good way)…. I’ve been checking Windfinder daily, but no go. Autumn storm, where are you?

Exactly 1 year ago we were in Asia. I’ve been kiting tropical places like Bali. We’ve stayed in Mui Ne (Vietnam) for more than a month. Wind every day, so kiting all day every day. Downwinders to Phan Thiet, the village next to Mui Ne. And also the Philippines, quiet kitespots with almost nobody else. Nice weather, lots of wind, fresh coconuts. Man, such a contrast! Anyway, can’t change the weather, so lately I’ve been hitting the gym to stay in shape and loose a bit of energy.

Lees Verder

Winter is setting in and the wind has been lost for a while. I haven’t kited for almost 2 months (!) and that’s pretty special (not in a good way)…. I’ve been checking Windfinder daily, but no go. Autumn storm, where are you?

Exactly 1 year ago we were in Asia. I’ve been kiting tropical places like Bali. We’ve stayed in Mui Ne (Vietnam) for more than a month. Wind every day, so kiting all day every day. Downwinders to Phan Thiet, the village next to Mui Ne. And also the Philippines, quiet kitespots with almost nobody else. Nice weather, lots of wind, fresh coconuts. Man, such a contrast! Anyway, can’t change the weather, so lately I’ve been hitting the gym to stay in shape and loose a bit of energy.

And the Cheqio trophy goes to...Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez has succeeded Torbjörn Blomdahl as best 3-cushionist of the world. The Spaniard won the World Championship in Bordeaux by defeating the very talented Korean Haeng-Jik Kim in the final. The win brought Sanchez not only the world title, but also the world trophy that was provided by Cheqio.

Cheqio customers David Heyman and Geert Librecht were in Bordeaux to see it happen. They won two tickets for the event after their purchase at Belgian Cheqio dealer PDB-Art and they got to meet Dutch billiard master Dick Jaspers.