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20 times in a row a 3-darts average of 100,00

April 5th, 2017

A new record has been set in the darts world. Phil Taylor was record holder of the highest number of televised matches in a row with the 3-darts average of 100,00 or more. Today, this record has been taken by Michael van Gerwen, who scored an average of 100,00 or more from October 2016 until April 2017 on all televised matches.

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It’s typical for the current level of darts being played. Several years ago it was even impressive to throw an average above 95,00 and only very few players reached the 100,00 average. Nowadays the 3-darts average of 100,00 has become the new standard.

Besides, the question isn’t any more if you can throw an average of 100,00, but how many matches in a row could you throw an average of 100,00. The answer is currently 20 and Thursday April 6th could be the 21st time in a row.

Our brand ambassador Raymond van Barneveld plays two games tomorrow. Against James Wade and against his eternal rival Phil Taylor. Hopefully he will be able to keep his third place or even climb in the rankings!

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Van Barneveld blasts Anderson off stage with the support of 10.000 outrageous fans!

Thursday March 16th was a historical day. The Premier League circus stopped in the Netherlands for the second time ever. Last year’s edition was already sensational and despite being thought impossible, it was even bettered this year. Particularly the performance on his home ground of Raymond van Barneveld, our brand ambassador, was an amazing experience for all Dutch supporters and his ‘Barney Army’. Van Barneveld, Barney, threw amazing and was borne on wings by all 10.000 fans. Anderson was blown away by 10.000 and one man and was very quickly ready to pack his bags again. On to next year!

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Cheqio Golf (TV commercial)

Our short TV commercial with Joost Luiten, top 50 golf player from The Netherlands.


What!? You’re a professional poker player?? That’s amazing!! You must be rich and go to Vegas every other week. Right? Wrong… Rich?? How about blowing 70% of your bankroll on Cheltenham** the week you moved out of your parents’ house and having to eat pasta every day for the following month. Vegas?? How about Dorset street and Drumcondra every other week and if lucky a trip to Carlow or Dundalk*. Is it all worth it? Who knows. Gets the veins pumping anyway.

 This being my first blog post I’d better give you a bit of background info. My name is Rohan Perera and I’m an Irish poker player. My focus was low stakes cash games and low buy in tournaments in local casinos and hotels. After a few years of going to sleep at 6am and waking up at 2 or 3pm along with sometimes struggling to pay the rent I decided it was best to start working part time.

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Within the last two-year period though some incredible game changing things have happened. The first was reading Jared Tendler’s ‘The Mental Game of Poker’, I’ve never gained so much from a poker book. Following that I have been having mental game sessions (yes there’s such a thing as a poker psychologist and I have one!) with him every 4/5 months to make sure everything is going well and I haven’t blown my bankroll. (Bankroll management and game selection are the two most important and underrated skills to have in poker) No I haven’t mastered either skill but I’m getting there.

Another has been the introduction of Cheqio into my game. The first time I heard about this ‘‘Cheqio’’ thing was in January 2016. The biggest factor in holding me back from progressing to higher stakes always been the mental game, I was never able to stay fully focused for long hours, I could never play my ‘’A-game’’ at 5am. I was always tired, distracted and bored which in turned made me more susceptible to making mistakes. I think we all have issues with this, it’s never easy to concentrate for long break-less days, no matter what your profession is (It’s been just as important in my new role as a consultant). In that first 3 months of taking Cheqio my win rate tripled. I felt much more focused and found it a lot easier to maintain a high level of focus and concentration. I went from potentially being in a slightly above minimum wage job to being able to live comfortably. If I wasn’t enjoying my part time job as a facilitator and start-up consultant I would have left it straight away. Since August I’ve had two full-time jobs as opposed to two part-time ones, making it a necessity to be fully focused from 9am to 6am.

The big difference is now I’m more competent and able to compete in the big buy in tournaments around the world. That’s the dream of most low stakes poker players like myself, to be able to play the massive events around the world and have a real chance of winning them. 2016 marked my best year of poker to date even though I played substantially less than previous years. It also produced my two biggest live tournament cashes and also my first decent cash abroad (finally!). I’ve now more confidence in my game than ever before and am fully expecting to bring home a trophy in 2017. Last week I won an Irish Open package*** so hopefully that’ll be the trophy Il be taking home!

*Dorset street, Drumcondra, Carlow and Dundalk are places in Ireland- not your first stops on TripAdvisor, but nothing wrong with them, sure I’ve been living on Dorset street for the last 4 years, just wouldn’t compare it to Las Vegas.

**Cheltenham is a big Horse Racing Festival in the UK (I didn’t even go, just lost all the money in the bookies)

***Package means flights (in this case spending money as I don’t need flights)/accommodation and tournament buy in are included in the prize.


Message from Joost (4)

The season has started and I have played 4 tournaments so far this year.

March 17th, 2017.

I started in Abu Dhabi were I finished at the 29th place. The week after a played in Qatar and finished 25th and the third week in the desert I finished 21st.

My fourth tournament was a big World golf championship with the complete world top 50 participating, there I finished 25th. Not bad, but again I felt I could have finished higher especially my putting wasn't great there.

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Top 30 finishes are not bad but I wouldn't say they were great performances.

Sometimes in golf the difference between an o.k. round and a good round is only 1 shot. 1 shot a round is 4 shots a tournament and all those top 30 finishes would have been top 10s if I had those 4 shots less. Top 10 finishes in golf are really good. Every week there are 156 guys to tee it up so if you can finish top 10 you have done a lot of good things. Sometimes it is a matter of just a couple percents better. It’s the little things that can make a difference, like using Cheqio! 

I know my weeks are coming, because I am very close to where I want to be with my game.

I am practicing hard and now all I need to do is take that some game from practice into the tournaments. I need to be patient, which sometimes is hard in sport. Shape will come and go but I feel like it is very close and then my season will really start!

Joost Luiten

Almighty for once

Thursday February 23rd, 2017

Unbeatable, that’s what Michael van Gerwen looks like for months now. The man who stands out head and shoulders on the PDC Order of Merit almost forgets how it feels to lose a match. And the chance of him losing a match without even winning one single leg is absolutely zero.

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However, that’s what happened last weekend. Albeit that it wasn’t an official PDC match, but during a demonstration tournament in the U.K. Although ‘Mighty Mike’ played very serious with an almost alien average of 120,86 (!), he didn’t win a leg against Peter Wright. With an average of 133,60 (!) Snakebite was almighty for once. Van Gerwen was beaten with a score of 4-0.

As well as Phil Taylor in his heydays, Van Gerwen doesn’t like a whitewash and is looking for revenge. The next meeting between them is already promising a lot of spectacle. And to think they don’t even use Cheqio yet to lift their performances to an even higher level ;-) This raises the question of what the average 3-darts limit could be?

For our brand ambassador, Raymond van Barneveld, it is hoped that Peter Wright´s play is a bit tempered as compared to last weekend. Van Gerwen plays Adrian Lewis tonight and Klaassen plays Chisnall.

Good luck to all!

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Message from MuĂ­rgen (2)

February 10th, 2017

Hey there guys,

First of all, sorry for the late post, I'll explain it!

School was done for 2016, and you'll probably recognize the feeling on Friday, vacation started!

I went to the gym for a short training with a buddy, heavy squats and lunges for breakfast !

My buddy went away after the lunges but I still wanted to crush some leg presses. Normally I don't train alone, it isn't wise to train alone when you are pushing lots of weights, so when you are with a training buddy, you always have an eye on you telling to stop when the form isn't right. I started with my first set, main goal, activate the quads in this movement angle, aiming for 12 reps. My PR (personal record) is standing on 280kg, so I thought 150kg was a good point to start off. I had my squats and lunges before, so the muscle was already warmed up. But closing in to the 10th rep, my legs were getting heavier.. not a good sign in a first set, but I had to get through it! There it was, the 11th set, when I pressed the plate away, something snapped in the back of my head.

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At first in the hospital, the signals where resembling a stroke. Not really that cool to hear that from the doc. After a run in the scan and a puncture in the back of my spine, the stroke was almost certainly ruled out. But after the puncture, my spine didn't repair itself fast enough, so if I was standing up straight, my brain fluid was leaking as I was told. Happy new year! Not.. Couldn't get out of my bed for barely an hour. Two days after newyear I went back to the hospital, they gave me a blood patch (fresh blood in to my spine to repair the hole) probably the worst feeling I've ever had, no doubt!

But.. I'm back! Sort off.. slowly starting to get my muscles back working again.

Learned a lot of my mistake, some changes for the future are made and I'm ready to work my ass off again. There are some really cool things happening at this moment, but I can't say a lot about it, let's say, this boat is a bit bigger!

I'll keep you guys posted as soon as possible!


Muírgen de Munck

Message from Niels

The season 2017 is underway again with tournament nr2 in bucharest. I am at the train station at the moment as I write this.

I had a little time out in January and get hungry again for the new season. Therefore I skipped a couple of events in the USA and decided to play a nice event in Belgium. Won that event and after that I had some more time to build things up.

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The calendar will really kick off now till beginning of April. The two main goals in that period are to score well at the world pool masters and the European championships. One of the things I like to do before an important trip is finish off as much tasks that I still need to do outside of the pool table. Mailing people, finalizing appointments and for instance writing this blog ;)

This creates more mental space that I can use to focus better and not be distracted by all the little things I still need to do. Looking forward to the coming months! Probably take some rest after the Europeans and then get ready for the next period.

All the best,

Niels Feijen

Premier League Darts

Van Barneveld, Klaassen and van Gerwen prepare themselves for the Premier League.

Tonight they have to be ready for the first match night of the Premier League Darts. We are especially talking about the Dutch guys and Belgium player Kim Huybrechts.

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Michael van Gerwen awaits, again, a meeting with Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld meets Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis in his first match. The first obstacle for Jelle Klaassen is Peter Wright, where Kim Huybrechts clashes with James Wade.

For all these top players a very busy schedule lays ahead of them. Every Thursday night they play in a different location and have to get the best out of their selves. To reach this, every player has a different way of preparing for these matches.

Michael van Gerwen participates in almost every darts event organised, if he is available to play. His stamina is often put to the test, because he nearly always plays the maximum amount of matches during a tournament. Besides, when not playing for the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) he could be found playing at his local competition in the Netherlands. He is still registered and allowed to throw some arrows.

Preparing for a busy schedule, which the Premier League brings, could be done by playing training sessions against strong professional darts players, playing several training games in which the calculations, throwing patterns and combinations are being practised and by going to the gym every now and then.

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Message from Joost (3)

The season 2017 has officially started for me! I just played my first event of the year in Abu Dhabi! A 29th place wasn't great but there is alot of positive things in my game that I will bring with me to my next event in Qatar.

I had a nice winter break of 5 weeks and I have been using that time mainly to work on my fitness! I didn't do a lot on the golf because sometimes it is good to not use your clubs for a couple of weeks and really get hungry to go back at it! I really tried to use the wintertime in my advantage by really trying to become stronger so I can prevent from getting injured during the busy season and that my body can handle the workload.

The week before my first tournament in Abu Dhabi I have been practising in Dubai for a week with my coach Phil Allen.

It was good to go back to "work" in dubai and get out of the cold weather in Holland. In dubai we had Great practice conditions and very close to the tournaments standard. First couple of days I had to get back into it a little but after that it felt like I had been practising all winter!

I am really looking forward to this season, the goal for this year is to get back in to the top 50 in the world again as soon as possible, and qualify for the Masters.

This week I will play in Qatar and hopefully a good result will get me closer to my goal!

Joost Luiten